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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!"
The beach is on everyones mind, mine included as I have a week off next week,wey hey!! Though we will not be doing things we had planned as Will has to take it easy for a few weeks, so we will just be enjoying local delights, we have lots to do all around us. Fin and Gabs have their swimmers at the ready!

"Enjoy the fruits of you Labour!"
More and more people are enjoying their allotments and Kitchen Gardens, my Dad being one of them and I sampled Dads lovely beetroot the other day and it was so lovely you really can tell the difference. The card above is part of a project I did for Crafts Beautiful. I cartainly try my best to get Fin and Gabs to eat their veggies, I don't always win as you Mums out there will know! but you just have keep at it!!

Had a busy day at Bespoke Country today, a shipment of Braided rugs arrived from America and they are just fab! Took a lot of sorting out though! I am going to have to get myself a large oval in the Bright Floral design for my lounge as it would fit perfectly! Will let you know if I bite the bullet and get one!
Am preparing myself for a window change tomorrow in the Whitby shop, It will be a totally nautical window for all the Regatta fanatics who will be flooding into Whitby! Have made lots of signs and Whitby 2010 hearts ready for the visitors to take home as a souvenir!
In the world of Fin and Gabs and Andrea Willis Designs I have just finished another Christmas project, one more to do! Have been making Christmas cards in earnest for a while now, am trying to be organised so I do not have the usual November panic!!
Am also working on some Doodle Designs for work to be made into something new which is exiciting! will keep you informed of progress! I am going now to plan out my window!


  1. Kate absolutely loves this. Loved seeing Gabs with her guitar. xx

  2. I've got spots!!! just tell fin & gabs 'give peas a chance' jennyx

  3. Hi Jenny,
    So glad you have spots!! will go and have a look promptly!!!
    Andrea x