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Sunday, 29 August 2010

A night at the Cravan, a bit of work and lots of lovely walks!!!! Oh and a special little girl arrives in the middle of all that!!!

We had a little mini break last night! it was only up the road in our friends caravan but we had a great time, Fin and Gabs had a fab time, the site has a little play area and we went out for a meal to a great pub up in the next village.

Have been doing a little bit of work inbetween fun things, even though I am on a week off I just can't help myself!!! Here are a few orders that I had to do.

Amid the goings on this week, Phoebe Lily arrived! She is beauty and I made a special card for Hannah to keep.

Gabs got some exercise in during our walk!

A beautiful view of Scarborough Castle.

Fin, Gabs and Fin's friend Evan overlooking the North Bay.

A gorgeous view of the fab beach huts on Scarborough beach! I get a lot of my inspiration from where I live, we have such lovely places just two minutes down the road from me!

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  1. What a lovely week you've had and back to school soon! the sea was so rough last night and we've got banches down everywhere! time for those winter clothes, hurrah! jennyx