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Monday, 23 August 2010

A Rainy Day!!

So much for a fab week off! I admit it, It's my fault it always rains when I am off! Fin and Gabs wer not happy when they heard the pitter pattering of the rain on the windows this morning! Still we braved it and went out for a walk. A little bit different to the glorious day yesterday!

More images of my Mums lovely flowers, it was really only yesterday!

I have been doing some work! this is an oreder I have done for somebody using some fab new fabrics from Seamstar. I have a few orders to do this week, well for Thursday actually so I had better get a move on really! I will take some pictures of them and show them to you!
I have also ben having a play with my Blog and have managed to do a new header which I am quite pleased about, it did take me a while but now I have the hang of it I think I will be quicker next time!
Will had his staples removed from his tummy today, Ouch!!! He did say that it hurt so he is now having a deserved easy evening, so I can blog without guilt of neglecting him!!


  1. wow,love the header and whole new colour scheme it will be highly rated by Rachel - almost her signature colour, teal!Hope Will is feeling okay jennyx

  2. Enjoyed my tea on the way home tonight from the 'double-cosy' teapot! Not too sure if my bicycle should stay at your house for use as the house doorbell though. Victoriaxxx