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Sunday, 29 August 2010

A night at the Cravan, a bit of work and lots of lovely walks!!!! Oh and a special little girl arrives in the middle of all that!!!

We had a little mini break last night! it was only up the road in our friends caravan but we had a great time, Fin and Gabs had a fab time, the site has a little play area and we went out for a meal to a great pub up in the next village.

Have been doing a little bit of work inbetween fun things, even though I am on a week off I just can't help myself!!! Here are a few orders that I had to do.

Amid the goings on this week, Phoebe Lily arrived! She is beauty and I made a special card for Hannah to keep.

Gabs got some exercise in during our walk!

A beautiful view of Scarborough Castle.

Fin, Gabs and Fin's friend Evan overlooking the North Bay.

A gorgeous view of the fab beach huts on Scarborough beach! I get a lot of my inspiration from where I live, we have such lovely places just two minutes down the road from me!

Monday, 23 August 2010

A Rainy Day!!

So much for a fab week off! I admit it, It's my fault it always rains when I am off! Fin and Gabs wer not happy when they heard the pitter pattering of the rain on the windows this morning! Still we braved it and went out for a walk. A little bit different to the glorious day yesterday!

More images of my Mums lovely flowers, it was really only yesterday!

I have been doing some work! this is an oreder I have done for somebody using some fab new fabrics from Seamstar. I have a few orders to do this week, well for Thursday actually so I had better get a move on really! I will take some pictures of them and show them to you!
I have also ben having a play with my Blog and have managed to do a new header which I am quite pleased about, it did take me a while but now I have the hang of it I think I will be quicker next time!
Will had his staples removed from his tummy today, Ouch!!! He did say that it hurt so he is now having a deserved easy evening, so I can blog without guilt of neglecting him!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Day at the Farm

We all have had a lovely day today, we spent the day at my Mum and Dads farm and of course had a lovely sunday dinner. Will just took it easy and sat in the sunshine on the courtyard. Fin was happy playing footy, I helped mum and Gabs was at home with the pigs! Having a whale of a time on the tractor and just running around!
I did a bit of doodling and put a few ideas together, I did take my scissors and some fabric so I could some hearts out but I have to admit they did not make it out of my bag! At least I have some new ideas to put together on my week off for some new designs.

Gabs simply loves being on the tractor!!

My Mum loves her garden and is ever so proud of her flowers, I will show some more as the week goes on!

It is a beautiful view over my Dads fields, you can see the Castle, the sea and on a very clear day you can see the cars going around the Marine Drive, that is a road around the headland which separates the North and South Bays of Scarborough. its a lovely walk!

Gabs loves being in with the Pigs whilst they are little, she is not so keen when they are bigger and can knock her over! Dad has a lot of Pigs, he also has cattle who are obviously out in the fields now, they too basking in the sunshine!!
Well, have ahd a great day one of our week off together, I wonder what the rest of the week will bring! something tells me I might be too busy with Fin and Gabs to get much work done! I see a couple of late nights coming up!! Have to create sometime.

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Day off!! and the nautical theme continues.

Hey! I have an unexpected day off! am working Saturday instead in the Whitby shop, will be so busy, Regatta weekend is here!
It is not a very nice day here so I am going to spend as much time as allowed by Fin and Gabs to read my new book, Print and Pattern, Bowie Style by Mary Perkins. If you love pattern in any way or form this book is for you.

Seaside images are so popular at the minute and I love these vintage inspired postcards, they make perfect souvenir cards!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!"
The beach is on everyones mind, mine included as I have a week off next week,wey hey!! Though we will not be doing things we had planned as Will has to take it easy for a few weeks, so we will just be enjoying local delights, we have lots to do all around us. Fin and Gabs have their swimmers at the ready!

"Enjoy the fruits of you Labour!"
More and more people are enjoying their allotments and Kitchen Gardens, my Dad being one of them and I sampled Dads lovely beetroot the other day and it was so lovely you really can tell the difference. The card above is part of a project I did for Crafts Beautiful. I cartainly try my best to get Fin and Gabs to eat their veggies, I don't always win as you Mums out there will know! but you just have keep at it!!

Had a busy day at Bespoke Country today, a shipment of Braided rugs arrived from America and they are just fab! Took a lot of sorting out though! I am going to have to get myself a large oval in the Bright Floral design for my lounge as it would fit perfectly! Will let you know if I bite the bullet and get one!
Am preparing myself for a window change tomorrow in the Whitby shop, It will be a totally nautical window for all the Regatta fanatics who will be flooding into Whitby! Have made lots of signs and Whitby 2010 hearts ready for the visitors to take home as a souvenir!
In the world of Fin and Gabs and Andrea Willis Designs I have just finished another Christmas project, one more to do! Have been making Christmas cards in earnest for a while now, am trying to be organised so I do not have the usual November panic!!
Am also working on some Doodle Designs for work to be made into something new which is exiciting! will keep you informed of progress! I am going now to plan out my window!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgot to mention Hannah, Wills on the mend and a surprise visit in Whitby

Thanks Hannah!!!
I made a major blunder on yesterdays blog! I forgot to mention Hannah who has been fab looking after Fin and Gabs this summer break especially as her baby is due soon! this week to be exact! so I think that Hannahs days of looking after my children are up! She really needs to take it easy at the moment!! Thanks Hannah you have been great!

Will is on the mend I am glad to say, went to visit tonight and hopefully he will be home from hospital in a couple of days. The above card is an image taken from PQ2 Creatives inc made by one of their designers. I have a range of cards that I designed for PQ2 called English Prairie by Andrea Willis, see the logo in the side bar to go to their site. This is what brings me to my surprise visit today at the Whitby shop where I was working today, Laura Grainger one of the directors of the company called in to say hello, it was lovely to see her and have a catch up, even though it was only quick as Bespoke Country in Whitbt has been very busy today!! It is approaching Whitby Regatta Weekend and it is just sooo busy! Anyway it was lovely to see her, Thanks Laura! Speaking of Regatta Weekend I had better go and make some cards as I got to work today to discover they had all gone!! So off I go to make Lighthoses, Boats and Lifebuoys!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Busy Time and Will in Hospital

"Get Well Soon, Will!"
Well, Will has finally had his op, and is in hospital recovering. Poor old will didnt expect to be so poorly and has two weeks booked off work and was hoping to be having a fun time with Fin and Gabs! He did not listen to me when I said he might be poorly for the first week! Never mind looks like he will be off a bit longer anyway!

Lots of people have offered their help with Fin and Gabs, my Mum and Dad, Jenny, Victoria, Auntie to name a few and I thank all of them very much. "SuperGem" in the picture was willing to be pictured! has been fab during the school hols, Thanks Gem!!

Fin Gabs and myself had an evening at Red House after visiting Will at the hospital and we had a lovely time, Uncle Steve did a little firework spectacular which Fin and Gabs loved!

"Gabrielvis" as Jenny has named her gave us a little song on the guitar!

Hve been doing some work as well inbetween all this and is usually late at night or in the early hours! Had to catch up on abit of creating for work so did some notebooks for work, I enjoy doing these and think they make a lovely little pressie for someone so think I will do a few as Christmas pressies as little stocking fillers! Have to plan ahead!!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Penwork and the end of my Twilight fix!

After the successful feedback from the invitation that I designed for Jennys Vintage Garden Party I have decided to use a bit more penwork in my work so I thought I would show you a design that I did for a customer who wanted a piece doing like the invitation but to be personalised to her, I hope you like it, she loved it. Thanks Mary!!!

I have been reading the Twilight saga books and have just finished the fourth and final one and it was fantastic! I do however feel a little sad as i do not have my daily fix of reading about Edward and Bella to look forward to! strange I know but if you have read them you will know what I mean!! I do have the films to watch but they are simply not as good as the books, do you agree?

My project for this evening is to make some new cards with a set of lovely badges I bought from paperchase, they are great and I will show you the cards next time.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

One month, ten minutes and a Doris Day moment!

Will says we need to decorate now!! he may regret those words!!

They have been done!! Victoria arrived with my fab curtains and I just love them, she gave me the idea for the title as she has literally had the fabric for a month and they took her only ten minutes to make!! Well worth the wait though.

We all had a lovely day out today in Filey, it was Lifeboat weekend so it was very bustling and busy! Our first port of call was Fin and Gabs favoutite, the paddling pool!! No matter how old Fin tries to act he just cannot pretend to be cool when he can paddle! After a while we wandered up through the lovely gardens and sat for some lunch whilst listening to the band play in the bandstand, which instantly gave me a Doris Day moment, it was just perfect.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fab fabric delivery and a night without Gabs

I am so excited! I have been waiting for this fabric to arrive and it arrived today, I just had to show you! I simply can't wait to create something new. When it arrived and I unpacked the packaging, inside it was wrapped up in lovely pink tissue and tied with pink ribbon, how lovely!
I have a night without Gabs, so it is just Fin and myself with the house to ourselves, we just do not know what to do with ourselves it is so quiet! I think we might watch a film, it might have to be Twilight as I have got a slight obsession with a certain Vampire!
The school holidays really are a tricky time, they have a fab time and I have all the stress of sorting out where they are going! I know I should not say it but it is lovely not having to rush for school each morning! Do you not agree?
As you know I have just finished a Christmas project for Crafts Beautiful Magazine, well I am just about to start another one, am actually getting my head around it now and am in full flow of making Christmas cards for work, I am determined not to have the late panic this year!
I have a day off tomorrow, so am going to have a Fin and Gabs day and play tourists and do the seaside thing! Just watch it rain as I have just said that!