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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to School!

Fin and Gabs went back to school today, Gabs was very excited, Fin was not!!! I must say I think the holidays ahve gone quite quickly and I do enjoy them, especially not having to rush to do the school run!
I thought I would show you some lovely images from Mary Engelbreit all on the theme of going back to school.

Gabs could not believe that she actually had to do some work today!!

Gabs words before she went to sleep tonight,
"Will it be a long night again tonight Mum?" She adores school so much she wants the night to go quicker!!
I would like the nights to slow down and then I could get more done! Oh to be young and just enjoy going to school and seeing your friends!! I do not know where the days, weeks, months go! Speaking of which another night nearly over!!!

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  1. Hi I'm glad she is settling in so well again, it can be a shock to the system! looking forward to seeing your new notepad designs!! jennyx