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Friday, 1 October 2010

All the fun of the Fair

It is that time again!! Handing in Crafts Beautiful projects!! Am pleased to say they are all in the pressure is off, well until this time next month anyway!!
A fellow designer for the magazine, Jenny Ellory is also a regular contributor and she also has a great blog and website, above is her blog banner and follow the link in the sidebar to look at her work.

The Fair is in town!!! and Fin and Gabs have loved it! pics will follow!
Neither Fin or Gabs are lovers of fast rides but at least this year Fin did go on the bumper cars, the fun house, and a very little roller coaster!! Gabs went on this with him but that was Gabs lot! One thing they do both love is..... Hook- a- Duck!!! which always amazes me how it can go up by a pound each year!!! Still they love it and it does bring back so many memories of when I used to go!!! This year Gabs got a Goldfish! So we had to buy a bowl and food etc.. and she has called her little fish Stephanie!!! I do love all the smells of the fair and the atmosphere is lovely it is just a shame that this year the weather has been so dismal, we got soaked through!!
Still it really was fun and we have a goldfish!!!

The girls have been busy at Whitby shop, we have started making Christmas stockings!! ready for the onslaught of Christmas!!
I just had to show you the one that Angela created it is just fantastic and any child would love it I am sure!!!! As they all get made up I will show you more great pictures!!!

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