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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I have received a lovely Blog award from the lovely Jenevieve at Buttons, Ribbons and other things. I am so pleased it is untrue!! In fact for once in my life I am speechless! Thankyou ever so much Jenevieve.
I was going to do a blog about spooky goings on and eerie Doris Day films but I think I will leave that for next time! I told Fin and Gabs about the award and they too are pleased, well, Gabs more than Fin!!! Gabs said, "Ah Mum that's a lovely award, really pretty!"
I cannot wait to tell Will!
He has now gone back to work, first night back last night and it did not go down well! Still the weeks go by so quickly it will soon be Friday! I am sure my news will put a little smile on his face!
Fin and Will are looking forward to the weekend as they are going to Old Trafford to see Fins fave team playing, Manchester United v West Brom, the sleepless nights are starting for Fin he is beside himself with excitement! I just hope they win!
I had some more good news too! my commissions for Crafts Beautiful have come through and I have some lovely projects to do for next year, have to get my head around Easter now!!! Weird!
If you haven't already looked at Jenevieves blog, Buttons, Ribbons and other things go and take a look it really is a Lovely Blog.


  1. Well done, your blog is really exciting, colouful and shows your personality! - how exciting, woop woop! jennyx

  2. Well done! My dad would be envious about the footie - he's a Man U fan, my son is a Chelsea supporter so you can imagine the arguments!