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Friday, 8 October 2010

Its Friday!!!!

This is the great place that Fin stayed during his Whitby football tour, he says it is a lovely place to stay! It looks fab!!!

I just love it when it gets to Friday! I am still not used to having the weekends off! I feel like I am at school as Fin and Gabs are excited when it is approaching the weekend and now I feel the same.
It is just lovely to be at home! I have made a new design for a new home card and thought I would show it as I am talking about being at home.
Will is back to work on Monday, he is now completely well so all will be back to normal next week! I must say it has been so nice him being at home, everything has been done! so I am going to get back to having my Sunday morning blitz around the house whilst Fin is at football!
Fin enjoyed his Whitby tour with school and only lost two of his matches and scored two goals so he is pleased as Grandad promised him a pound per goal!!!!
He has come back totally shattered and is ready for a rest!
I received my lovely leaflets for the Homespun and vintage Fair today so have been handing those out and am hoping to get some things made for that this weekend so I need to get into real Christmas mode!!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone and if you can, take a look at Red House blog and give Jenny a vote for the Dorset Cereals Award that her lovely blog has been nominated for.
Going to get Gabs from Rainbows now!!

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