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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Another fab design by Angela Knipe

I just had to show what was waiting on the desk for me when I arrived in Whitby today! This fab needle case created by our very own Angela! How amazing is it? it is perfect for current trends, she is always bang on the mark for what is in "Crafty Fashion" Well done Angela I am sure people will be queuing to buy them!

I took a trolley full of stock to work today (a groovy red polka dot one by the way!!") and hiding inside a tin were these fabulous cherries, well I was so happy to have them in again as last time we had them in stock I was not quick enough to buy a set, well, I now have some, seeing as I love Cherries so much it only seemed right!!!! Do you agree that they are just lovely?

Also I had some good news about Gabs today, a while back we were told that she had been placed on the Special Needs List for her writing and reading, I was a little upset about this but once we spoke to her teacher, myself and Will were reassured that she was simply going to have some one to one lessons to help bring her on. Today she came home and she has gone up a level in her reading, so we are so chuffed! Gabs has always loved reading and is always writing funny little stories. I now see that it is a good thing for her and that it is lucky that Gabs school can offer the special one to one lessons. I have given her a spelling test this evening before she went to bed and she got them all right! I think that between Will, myself and the school we will soon get her off that list. Well done Gabs!
It was Fins parent evening this week too and what can I say! well there is nothing to say except "Fin, you are a star!" Well done!!!


  1. wow, Angela has done us proud again! I was wearing my peapod brooch tonight and everyone was looking at it, I'm forever saying it's Angela Knipe with a k! Gabs will be fine sometimes the slow burners have the brightest flame and to be honest I think it is better to be gifted in one area than to have the curse of the 'good all rounder' she is without doubt the most creative little girl I know, go Gabs! glad to hear Fin is doing so well he's brill at footy as well, you two are definately doing something right! jennyx

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of us to pass on this award to. You are so sweet to do so. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  3. I love those little cherries, so sweet. Well done to your 2 children! I hate some of the wording teachers' use, but when you drill down to what they're actually saying, it's not so bad! Keep up the good work! Thanks so much for award too - I feel really chuffed. xx

  4. Hi! Thanks for following. I am your newest follower! Thanks for your comment! I'm looking forward to reading more from your blog too.

  5. Hi! How old is Gabs? My son worried me a lot when he was younger, then the summer between third and fourth grade, he began reading voraciously. Now he is very good at reading /writing and in the 11th grade.