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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Update from Fin!!!

Well, even though they did not win, the score was Manchester United 2 West Brom Albion 2.
Fin is on cloud 9!!! I do not know when he will come down, he didn't even moan as much as he normally does when he had to dry the pots!! He literally floated out of the door to his footy match this morning.
Fin had a fantastic time and insisted that this pic was put on my blog! he set it up especially!

It is so lovely to see your little ones happy! Have a lovely Sunday everyone.


  1. Glad he's so happy! I like how he set up the photo specially to go on the blog!
    Love the doodles you created in the last post. There is a way you can reduce the size of your drawings, I use Windows photo gallery to view my pictures/photos. If the image comes up as a photo there then you can go to open and then into microsoft office picture manager. Within Microsoft Office Picture Manager you can use compress or resize. Not sure if that helps, but good luck! :) x

  2. Thanks for stopping by! My son played basketball when he was in school and they were such fun years for both of us, I have sat on many a bench watching games. I am so glad he enjoyed it, let him know I thought it was a fabulous picture. I can't find where you are from, but I think I detect an accent from the other side of the pond!! LOL