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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New Brochure out at Bespoke Country

It is all hands on deck at the minute at work! our new brochure is out and will be sent out to everyone in the next few days, so we are all getting ready for it!! We are clearing the decks, painting plaques, labelling stock to make it as easy as possible when the orders come flooding in! If you would like to have a look the full brochure is also on line at, you can also request your own brochure online, you will need to make yourself a brew and sit a while to look at all the lovely products. The two Vintage Doves above are on the cover and really are beautiful.

                                               Gabs is looking forward to her Harvest Festival.

Both Fin and Gabs have come home from school loaded with homework! Fin is doing work on author, Francesca Simon, famous for her Horrid Henry books. Fin has the full set and he loves to read them, as long as he does not get any ideas from them!! Gabs is practicing her spellings, reading her book and singing away in practice for Harvest Festival on Friday morning! She is multi tasking a she is trying to do all three at once!! (A girl after my own heart!)
I am now going off to create a few more things for my Vintage Fair that I am doing, it is approaching fast!
Have a lovely evening and I wonder if we will wake up to snow and frost! It is hail stoning here at the moment!!!


  1. Had a look at the website, lots of really nice things!
    Hail stoning?! It was frosty here this morninig and probably will be tommorow, but no hail yet!
    Hope the harvest festival goes well! :) x

  2. Hi I love your header you are very clever, will you make me one? please? I've got brochuritis I can't believe how well it's come out and twenty pages long!!hope the harvest festival goes okay shall I do York so you can go? jennyx