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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Look what arrived in the post today!!!!

I had to show you what arrived for me today! I arrived home from my morning outing with Fin and Gabs to see a lovely little parcel on the dining room table for me.It was my Pay It Forward package from Jenevieve at Buttons, Ribbons and other things. Gabs was desperate to get her hands on it and open it but I had to stop her as I needed to photo them first to show you!

A lovely little bag of buttons, love the little tea pots! Gabs has claimed the little bag!! for her precious Hello Kitty necklace!!!

A gorgeous button key ring which is now attached to my keys!

And this really lovely handmade felt butterfly mobile which Gabs also wants in her room! I said no though! It will go above my making table.

I am really pleased with my things and want to say a really big thankyou to Jenevieve.
You will not believe the difference in the weather today it has been a glorious day, I stuck to my plan though and had the morning out and had a very productive afternoon, will show you some things I made next time. We are doing the tourist things tomorrow! going down to the beach and going on the little steam train and no doubt chips and ice-cream will be involved if Fin has anything to do with it! Oh! and no doubt football and scooter will be joining us!!!!!
Have a great evening everyone.


  1. What a lovely package from your friend!! I LOVE buttons, so I really liked the keychain!

  2. Yay! Glad it arrived safely and that you like it too! I thought the little tea pot buttons were so cute as well!
    Sounds like you're enjoying your half term, just as well there is good weather down there so you can enjoy it properly! :) x

  3. lurve the new header! buttons- don't you just love em! jennyx

  4. What lovely pretties, I especially love the handmade mobile, gorgeous :0)

    Thank you for your special comments, I don't have the perfect marriage but would be lost at sea without my man, so we always get through :0)

    Wishing you a happy anniversary too :0)