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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Plans for the weekend!!

We acquired the above unit from Wills niece, a.k.a "The Fab Auntie Gemma!" a while ago and we had all good intentions of painting it and putting new handles on it, this has not yet happened! I have decided I can no longer live with it like that, so am going to do it!

If I do the unit I also have to do the above table (acquired in the same way) except this time from Wills sister Julie! Needless to say we have not done anything with this either!! Well I am going to now!

I found the perfect colour!! A shop has just opened here in Scarborough which sells Farrow and Ball paint, so instead of having to order it, I just went and got some, it is so much easier when things are on your doorstep! If this shop had not opened I most probably would not have got round to getting the paint!!
I cannot wait to start and will show you the finished look once it is done.
A friend of ours has taken the plunge and opened his own business, and his open day was today, so Gabs and I had a nice morning there to wish him and his family well.His shop is a balloon shop called Celebrate and he has done a great job, he has asked me for some cards so I am going to do some Balloon based ones for him, that is another job for the weekend!! I think I need a longer weekend!!!
Until later, have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished articles! I'm sure they'll look fantastic! :) x

  2. Hello Andrea. Thank you so much for your lovely comments over on Magic Beans and for following the madness and chaos in Cambridge. Will be back to visit you very soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Ax

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's always great to meet fellow bloggers! You can't go wrong with F & B paint, they do some great colours. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

  4. ooooh! the paintbrush is out!!! will you have two little helpers I wonder? jennyx

  5. so lovely to meet local ladies who love the same things I will be buying some of this paint very soon too its so handy Your furniture is going to look lovely