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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fin is 10!!!!

In honor of Fins birthday and no other reason am I putting an image of Wayne Rooneys shirt on my blog!! He is Fins hero and plays for his beloved team!! How I love that he does not understand what has been said about him in the media, he just sees a great football player, as indeed he is.
So Fin is now in double figures and has had a fab birthday! We had a lovely day! Fins day consisted of football, Macdonalds for lunch, spending some of his birthday pennies (on the new Manchester United Kit!!) and Pizza for tea! To finish the day off we ate lovely chocolate cake and watched the new Robin Hood! all in all a perfect day, I just wish I didn't feel so old!

Fin asked me to put the Manchester United badge on!!!

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  1. Love it all. Ten is a real milestone, must be celebrated thoroughly. Did the candles get blown in one go...?