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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A little bit of work,Fin makes a wish and busy, busy at work!!!!

I have been trying to do a bit of work in between everything else! It is hard to get motivated with Will still off work, Fin and Gabs need to do all their homework and reading each night plus I have to finish my Crafts Beautiful project!!! I have however created these, new home is always a popular card and is always asked for! I used some great fabric from the bloom and grow range, I got it from Seamstar, a great online fabric shop!

I love to do my handbag card! A Gabsbag it is not! How we all love our bags!!

Just thought I would show you Fin blowing out his candles, he may be 10 now but you are never too old for a cake!!! I do not know what he wished for but he certainly had some good news today at school, when he was told he should go for a trial with a football team such as Hull or Leeds.
His school games teacher told him, so as you can imagine he is very pleased with himself!!! So are we!

Work is very busy at the moment, our two bosses are on their Jollys! Celebrating one turning fifty! I won't say which one!!! but I bet they are having a super time.
We have all this new fabric to drool over!!
Lots of Christmas stock is arriving so it is very exciting. A book delivery came today and amongst them was,

The Great Blogging For Bliss, a personal favourite of mine!

Anyone who loves buttons just has to have this!!

This is just an adorable book.

And this! Well I wonder if it will spur Fin and Gabs to get out their sewing kits!! I will have to see!!


  1. Christmas??!*?!%

    Blimey. Shows how long it's been since I went out retailing... forgot that at soon as schools go back the tinsel comes out.

    Great looking books, Ax

  2. I want that button book, it looks really interesting! Will go look it up on AMazon in a minute. The cards are really pretty too! :) x