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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Day Off in the week!!

I had a day off today! Normally work Monday to Friday but I worked on Saturday so had today off, had alovely morning catching up with friends for coffee and had a stroll with Will which was nice, we don't get a lot of time on our own! but then I used the rest of the day being creative and got some orders done. I did a larger version of my Vintage Hearts card too, added a bit of glitz in the way of Stickles gliter glue, I love it!!!

It soon got around to picking up from school time! Gabs came running out proudly showing off two stickers, one for reading and one from the head for being moved onto yellow books! she is very pleased with herself! Well done Gabs!
Fin came out with some unusual news, he had tried out for the choir!! most unexpected! will let you know if he gets in! I then looked in his bookbag to find a Rugby Trial form!! Talk about variety.


  1. fin could learn some rugby songs!!happy days! jennyx

  2. love the vintage hearts, and buttons always look great x