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Monday, 27 September 2010

Feeling a bit under the weather and Fin is really busy!!

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately! So when I looked on Mary Engelbreits latest blog it seems she has too! Except she really is not so well, she put some pictures of her art work on her blog to show how she feels and I thought they were perfect!!! I had a good and busy day at work today with some lovely happy and jolly customers and it just proved that "Laughter really is the best Medicine!"

This is just great Art work!

Fin and Gabs are so busy with school! Gabs got 10 out of 10 for her spellings again, Fin only got 18 out of 20, mind you they were hard!!! He has such a busy schedule, so busy that things are clashing!! He cannot do choir this week as he has a footy match for the school! Each day is so hectic for him and now he has come home today with a letter that he is going to Whitby next week to play in a tournament for school, footy of course!!, and I can't believe it but it clashes with choir again, his choir master is not going to be happy but Fin will not give up football for anything!!

So each night both Fin and Gabs sit down and tackle spellings,reading books and Maths, roll on half term they say, me too!!!


  1. Hope you get better soon! Very appropriate art work too! Sounds like fin is getting a lot out of school, well done to them both on their spelling tests! :-) x

  2. Get better soon! Isn't it annoying when everything clashes. We too have the same problem with football. I have to be in 2 different places tomorrow at the same time! Well done on the spelling front.