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Friday, 17 September 2010

Fantastic finds for me from Angela and Fin is a Star!!!!

I just love this great card that Angela gave me and wanted to show it to you all! It has given me so many ideas for future projects all to do with buttons!!

This fabric is such a find!!! I love it!!! Angela found it for me on her recent trip to London and it is just what I am looking for to create a new vintage themed set of cards, she read my mind!!!!

Fin is doing so well at school! He got all his spellings right again this week and has been trying really hard at his other work and has been rewarded with a certificate from his teacher, he is so pleased with himself!!
Gabs also had her spelling test today and she also got them all right!! All this practice certainly does pay of!!!


  1. Love the button card, the colours are right up my street.
    Well done to your 2 for their spellings. It is a pain having to keep going over them but great when it pays off like you say. It gets a little embarassing when Yr 6 son brings them home and you can't even spell them yourself!

  2. Hi reading your blog in Gran Canaria! say well done to the two spelling bees!! wish you were here! jenny and Lynne!