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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The end of Downton Abbey!!! and New Makes

I can't believe that Downton has finished already!!! Sunday nights will not be the same, even Will looked forward to watching it, but he is partial to period drama!! I get a lot of cutting out done whilst it is on too! I have been busy this weekend making a batch of new cards, I enjoy doing this kind of work as the cards are really made of a lot of mixed media such as buttons and ribbons, fabric and papers!! Thought you might like to see them. Above is my stocking which is always popular, I have changed it quite a lot from last year!

You can't go wrong with a Christmas Tree!

My "Figgy Pudding" card which was so popular last year I had to do it again but again slightly different!

Christmas Cupcake, a new one but it has been received well in Crafts Beautiful so I decided to make some but change them a little by adding a floral cupcake case! Of course they all have the magic added ingredient of Christmas sparkle!! I love glitter!!

It has been a busy time for Fin and Gabs too!! their Christmas schedules are filling up!!! Uncle Steve wanted to take them to see the Snow Queen at the Theatre but unfortunately they are already going with school!!! So Uncle Steve will have to get his thinking cap on!!! He's a fab Uncle!!!!!
Fin is all sported out!!! He is so busy with football! He lost his game at the weekend 4-1 but they were playing the top of the league team and he is playing for school this week too!
Gabs is just having lots of fun at school, she loves it!!! she is doing really well with her reading, I am so proud of how she has come on. We have spellings to learn this week too. The weeks just go so fast!! Have a great rest of the week everyone.


  1. Hi lovely cards! I always thought Carl was a bit of a drama queen! hee hee! jennyx

  2. Beautiful cards! In some ways i miss all the things the boys did at Christmas! It’s a shame they have to grow up.

    Love Lou xxx

  3. Lovely cards - I especally like your figgy pudding one!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Wonderful Cards....Nice to meet you..!

  5. I just commented on another bloggers post how it felt that Downton Abbey had only been on 5 mins and it ended!

    Victoria x

  6. Hey thanks for taking my you have one..I didnt see it..?

  7. I love all of your cards,they look wonderful.
    I agree with you Andrea, the time is just flying by!!!!
    Have a beautiful rest of your week as well. xxxx

  8. Your cards look fantastic! Sounds like you're having fun! :) x