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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowman by the Sea

We have just got back from a very refreshing walk down by the sea! Was very blowy,  snowy  and cold! but very invigorating and fresh. I had to show you the mini snowman that Fin and Gabs built on the Marine Drive wall down by the sea!!! Fab!
We are now back and in the warmth and it is snowing again, think that is it for today, won't be long before the pj's are on!!! Am cutting out vintage caravans and handbags today!!!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone whatever you are doing and keep warm.


  1. Very handsome :) Not often you get snow quite that close to the sea!

    Mind you last christmas it happened on our local beach too.

    No snow here in Suffolk today - just biting cold.

  2. No snow here either, but so so cold, haven't actually been outside today, but instead wrapped up warm with a hot water bottle on the sofa, lovely! your snowman is very cute tho:) jenny x

  3. Aww, so cute! i'm fed up of the snow already! jennyx

  4. oh very cute and I bet it didn't involve a sodden kitchen floor and soggy gloves. glad you enjoyed your day
    xx fee

  5. Cute snowman! Too much snow here unfortunately! :) x

  6. Soo cute! We didn't get snow yet, but it's been pretty chilly lately.

  7. Oh how fun...snowmen by the beach...Im jealous...we dont have snow yet.!

  8. Love the snowman. Hope he lasts - well until the tide takes him away!!!

  9. hahaha what a gorgeous snowman.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.