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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Homework rush!!!!

The night before going back to school is always a bit of a mad time for me! Is it for anyone else!!!! I always like to get the school clothes all laid out nicely in a little pile, my friend Lisa and I do have a laugh about it but we just cannot sleep if the clothes are not laid out ready!! A bit OCD I know!! At least I know one more person the same. As much as can be done the night before I do it.
Yet it is out of my control when a certain little boy has still not finished his scrapbook about his favourite author! (I have nagged him all week not to leave it to the last minute) Fin chose Francesca Simon, famous for the Horrid Henry books, and he has just finished it tonight! He is so like me it is untrue, works better under pressure!!

Gabs on the other hand! total different story, she has been busy writing stories and drawing pictures all week, her little busy book is certainly very busy!! The image above is just perfect for Gabs.

So back to this tomorrow! I have had a lovely week off, went back today with Mum mush brain, when I have been off for a full week like that it is hard to go back, little Gabs just loves it when I am at home with her, as she grows it's getting harder as she voices her opinion more! In other words, "Do you have to go to work Mum?" Fin is not so bothered, he is so desperate to grow up and has started this holiday to ask if he can into town to meet his friends! as of course he says, "They all do!!" which of course they don't! I give my casual answer, "We'll see"
After being back at work an hour, the buzz was back and new ideas instantly forming, Christmas is on every ones mind now and I need to make some more cards! So I am off now to get all sorted for the morning, read Gabs bedtime story and off to work!!! Have a lovely evening everyone.


  1. Sounds like you're very busy! Hope you get back into the routine again, I forget how many holidays you get as a kid, didn't seem like much then, but now it seems like loads! Have a nice evening card making! :) x

  2. that's funny! my OCD is that breakfast and lunches must be made before I go to bed! the kids are on their own for getting dressed.

  3. I wish I could be more organised - I spend the morning dashing round finding clothes & books for the children & all the time resolving to be more organised the following day!

  4. I obviously have all this to come!! By the time Michael (he has only just turned one)is old enough for school, I plan to have my life a lot more organised...although I have been saying this for as long as I can remember!