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Thursday, 25 November 2010

In a panic!!!

I don't know about you but I am not ready for Christmas at all! This is so not like me!! I normally have at least done some shopping, all I have done this year is pick some lovely things for Gabs from a shop in Whitby called Alfie Loves Ava and have sorted out Fin and Gabs stocking fillers.
I really was not that worried until everyone at work, customers that is! says that they are finishing off!! it happened a lot this week so far and tomorrow at work in York is going to be the same I should think as it is the St. Nicholas Fair in York and everyone will be Christmas shopping!
I just loved the picture above, Fin and Gabs have wrote out several lists and are still in draft form! the official letters to the North Pole will be being sent of this week! I said they have to be as Santa is very busy, but really I just need to know what they would like.

I had an unexpected day off today, the weather was bad here and I didn't fancy getting stuck on the North Yorks Moors! so I have put the day to good use and sorted a few things out for my little shop, thankyou everyone who commented on my last post, your good luck wishes were really appreciated. I painted a dresser today, I am going for a colour scheme different to my norm, it is all very exciting. I get my keys soon and will make sure I take some before and after pics for you to see.
Will is pleased about one thing, I am de-cluttering the house of all the furniture everywhere, painting it all and moving it out!!!

I have a slight addiction to finding vintage Christmas images at the moment! They are just so lovely, especially Santa ones! I have made a selection of Vintage Santa cards and I am into glittering things, which seems to add instant vintage! I am of to cut out a batch of Toadstools now! have a great evening everyone.


  1. Hi that's funny Im cutting out toadstools to sew and stuff! love the pic, hope you enjoyed your day off! jennyx

  2. I've been cutting out various felt shapes this evening with the view to making a few christmas cards.

    Sort of getting there with christmas shopping as I know once December starts we gets busy with family stuff and there isn't always a chance to visit the big towns for shopping. What I haven't got now will have to come via the internet.

  3. Hope you manage to get your Christmas shopping sorted soon, there's still plenty of time! I'm finished buying things and almost finished making presents. But I think I'm just a bit of an organisation freak! Have a good weekend! :) x

  4. hi just to make you feel better I haven't done a single christmasy thing yikes!so you are a head of me
    xx fee