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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Planning New Things

I have been absent from my blog for a little while, but with good reason! I have always wanted a little shop of my own but never really had the courage to actually do it. Since the success of the work I did for my Vintage Fair a little while ago it has been on my mind once again!
Well, it has finally happened and I have found a small shop that will be great to start off with and I hopefully get my keys on the 1st December! as Mary Engelbreits fab image says, I have certainly not hurried! but in the end I have finally got there! It is very exciting and I am hoping it will be a great change for me and enable me to do more of what I love, creating and making!! Fin and Gabs are excited too, Gabs is looking forward to helping me get it all ready and put price stickers on everything, (I have to seriously make every night!!) Will is pleased that I have finally took the plunge, though apprehensive as we just don't know how it is going to do for a while, hence all my making and making so I can maybe catch some last minute pressie buyers!!

I think Gabs is planning on doing a spot of painting!!
On top of all that, Fin and Gabs are so busy at school, doing all the lovely Christmas things and practicing for their concerts and Nativities! It is such a lovely time for them.
Unfortunately Fin has suffered with his hearing for a long time and after his most recent check up he has to have another operation! We said we would take a short notice appointment, except last time we did this poor Fin ended up having his op on Christmas Eve!! Lets hope that does not happen this time.
Also I am setting up my website too, this is proving a little trickier than I thought but I am nearly there! So I have got a lot of Blog reading to do, I am going to start catching up right now!! Have a lovely evening everyone.


  1. How exciting to have a shop of your own - hope that it goes well for you, looking forward to hearing about it on here.

  2. Good luck with your shop :) and I hope Fin gets date for his op sooner than Christmas Eve.

  3. Congratulations on opening your own shop! You must be so excited! Hope we get to see some pictures when you have time! Hope Fin gets his op sooner rather than later. :) x

  4. good luck with your shop how exciting for you ,you will have to let me know where it is so I can pop in .And i hope all goes well with the op and it isn't over Christmas again
    xx fee

  5. Hip hip hooray! That is fabby news, well done and good luck with the plunge. Want more details-where is it? What will it be called?

    Let us know soon, Ax

  6. Congratulations and good luck on the opening of your shop, it will be great to hear how you are getting on.
    Ann x

  7. Congrats on opening your own shop! How exciting! Sorry to hear that Fin has to have another operation, we hope it isn't on Christmas Eve!!

    Best Wishes for your shop!

    Laura and Michele

  8. Congratulations on taking the plunge. Hope you will let us know where to find your new shop.
    Carol xx

  9. So exciting to hear about your new shop, I wish you all the luck in the world for it. I also hope that Fin 's operation will be ok. Nice to meet you. Catherine x

  10. Congradulations on opening your own shop, you must be thrilled but also very busy. I hope all goes so well for you as you are walking in the dreams you have dreamt.

    I'm sorry to hear about Fin;s operation but I wish you all the best.

    Have a wonderful week.x