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Friday, 26 November 2010

Trolley Dash Christmas Shopping!!!!

I literally had a few minutes on the way to my train to do a mad dash into two of my favourite shops!!!!
I got a few presents sorted!! thank goodness, can't say who for obviously but I do feel a bit better now.
I was very tempted to get myself some of the lovely pralines to eat but I restrained myself, but am regretting it now I must say! I did have a taster as freebies were on offer, I didn't say no to that one!!!
Isn't it funny how you buy lovely chocs for others but never for yourself?

Thank goodness for Paperchase! what a great shop! I love everything in it, but had to remember I am buying for others not me!!!! I actually knew what I was going in there for and my mission was accomplished I am glad to say!!

How I would love to have a real two minute trolley dash in there!!

We were going to go to York on Sunday for a nice wander around but Fin has a concert to do with Choir so that put an end to that! Don't think I will get back to York, so hence the mad dash!!
Love the pic above !
I am looking forward to the concert, I love Christmas Carols and no doubt Gabs will have a good sing a long too! I must say Gabs is practicing like mad for her concert and the songs sound groovy!!!!
Its a wonderful time of year!!!


  1. well done on the Christmas shopping its a shame about the chocolates but maybe father Christmas will bring you some.
    Hope you and your family enjoy the concert
    xx fee

  2. What a shame about the chocolates.....
    But very clever to arrange the quick purchases. I hope you will have a wonderful time at the concert, nothing like Christmas singing for the festive season.

    Have a glorious weekend. xxx

  3. Well done on the quick shop, I'd probably have bought some chocolates myself, but well done on resisting. I love paperchase, they have lovely things! :) x