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Monday, 1 November 2010

Doris Day Magic!!!

I was in need of a Doris Day fix today!!! Maybe its the thought of back to work, back to the school run and busy mornings or maybe its just because, Crafts Beautiful projects are done and up to date, the Homespun and Vintage Fair has been and gone and I can sit with Fin and Gabs a while and do nothing! This is where Doris comes in!! Whilst Fin and Gabs were doing their things (computer games and dancing in my high heeled shoes!!!) I put on my all time favoutite, "Young at Heart" and lost a couple of hours! Gabs ended up joining me though she is not a great fan!!! Am now going to join the children to watch something about Mermaids!!!


  1. Hi Andrea
    A lady after my own heart! Both my daughter and I love Doris day, the music the old films. Its great to see a whole new generation still admiring her talent.
    Thank you for the lovely comment, I am neglecting my blog a bit at the moment trying to get this Folksy thing going, but have lots of days out planned and so hopefully lots of lovely places to share soon, as well as lots of sewing projects.

  2. SOunds like a lovely evening! Maybe Gabs will like it more as she grows up? :) x

  3. Hello Andrea! Nice to meet you :)
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and for becoming a follower!
    Your cute kids on your header reminds me of an old recipe book that my nan used for baking :)
    Have a good week

  4. Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. I am now a follower of you and will look forward to reading your blog!

    Amy xx

  5. I'm a bit of a Doris fan on the quiet - but not to your level. My favourite has to be Calamity Jane, think I can relate to her stumblings somehow.