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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

To all you bloggers out there!!!

Just to say to you all, Keep warm!!!! Have a good day everyone out there!!!
For everyone in the warm weather, you lucky things!!!!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowman by the Sea

We have just got back from a very refreshing walk down by the sea! Was very blowy,  snowy  and cold! but very invigorating and fresh. I had to show you the mini snowman that Fin and Gabs built on the Marine Drive wall down by the sea!!! Fab!
We are now back and in the warmth and it is snowing again, think that is it for today, won't be long before the pj's are on!!! Am cutting out vintage caravans and handbags today!!!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone whatever you are doing and keep warm.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Trolley Dash Christmas Shopping!!!!

I literally had a few minutes on the way to my train to do a mad dash into two of my favourite shops!!!!
I got a few presents sorted!! thank goodness, can't say who for obviously but I do feel a bit better now.
I was very tempted to get myself some of the lovely pralines to eat but I restrained myself, but am regretting it now I must say! I did have a taster as freebies were on offer, I didn't say no to that one!!!
Isn't it funny how you buy lovely chocs for others but never for yourself?

Thank goodness for Paperchase! what a great shop! I love everything in it, but had to remember I am buying for others not me!!!! I actually knew what I was going in there for and my mission was accomplished I am glad to say!!

How I would love to have a real two minute trolley dash in there!!

We were going to go to York on Sunday for a nice wander around but Fin has a concert to do with Choir so that put an end to that! Don't think I will get back to York, so hence the mad dash!!
Love the pic above !
I am looking forward to the concert, I love Christmas Carols and no doubt Gabs will have a good sing a long too! I must say Gabs is practicing like mad for her concert and the songs sound groovy!!!!
Its a wonderful time of year!!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

In a panic!!!

I don't know about you but I am not ready for Christmas at all! This is so not like me!! I normally have at least done some shopping, all I have done this year is pick some lovely things for Gabs from a shop in Whitby called Alfie Loves Ava and have sorted out Fin and Gabs stocking fillers.
I really was not that worried until everyone at work, customers that is! says that they are finishing off!! it happened a lot this week so far and tomorrow at work in York is going to be the same I should think as it is the St. Nicholas Fair in York and everyone will be Christmas shopping!
I just loved the picture above, Fin and Gabs have wrote out several lists and are still in draft form! the official letters to the North Pole will be being sent of this week! I said they have to be as Santa is very busy, but really I just need to know what they would like.

I had an unexpected day off today, the weather was bad here and I didn't fancy getting stuck on the North Yorks Moors! so I have put the day to good use and sorted a few things out for my little shop, thankyou everyone who commented on my last post, your good luck wishes were really appreciated. I painted a dresser today, I am going for a colour scheme different to my norm, it is all very exciting. I get my keys soon and will make sure I take some before and after pics for you to see.
Will is pleased about one thing, I am de-cluttering the house of all the furniture everywhere, painting it all and moving it out!!!

I have a slight addiction to finding vintage Christmas images at the moment! They are just so lovely, especially Santa ones! I have made a selection of Vintage Santa cards and I am into glittering things, which seems to add instant vintage! I am of to cut out a batch of Toadstools now! have a great evening everyone.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Planning New Things

I have been absent from my blog for a little while, but with good reason! I have always wanted a little shop of my own but never really had the courage to actually do it. Since the success of the work I did for my Vintage Fair a little while ago it has been on my mind once again!
Well, it has finally happened and I have found a small shop that will be great to start off with and I hopefully get my keys on the 1st December! as Mary Engelbreits fab image says, I have certainly not hurried! but in the end I have finally got there! It is very exciting and I am hoping it will be a great change for me and enable me to do more of what I love, creating and making!! Fin and Gabs are excited too, Gabs is looking forward to helping me get it all ready and put price stickers on everything, (I have to seriously make every night!!) Will is pleased that I have finally took the plunge, though apprehensive as we just don't know how it is going to do for a while, hence all my making and making so I can maybe catch some last minute pressie buyers!!

I think Gabs is planning on doing a spot of painting!!
On top of all that, Fin and Gabs are so busy at school, doing all the lovely Christmas things and practicing for their concerts and Nativities! It is such a lovely time for them.
Unfortunately Fin has suffered with his hearing for a long time and after his most recent check up he has to have another operation! We said we would take a short notice appointment, except last time we did this poor Fin ended up having his op on Christmas Eve!! Lets hope that does not happen this time.
Also I am setting up my website too, this is proving a little trickier than I thought but I am nearly there! So I have got a lot of Blog reading to do, I am going to start catching up right now!! Have a lovely evening everyone.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The end of Downton Abbey!!! and New Makes

I can't believe that Downton has finished already!!! Sunday nights will not be the same, even Will looked forward to watching it, but he is partial to period drama!! I get a lot of cutting out done whilst it is on too! I have been busy this weekend making a batch of new cards, I enjoy doing this kind of work as the cards are really made of a lot of mixed media such as buttons and ribbons, fabric and papers!! Thought you might like to see them. Above is my stocking which is always popular, I have changed it quite a lot from last year!

You can't go wrong with a Christmas Tree!

My "Figgy Pudding" card which was so popular last year I had to do it again but again slightly different!

Christmas Cupcake, a new one but it has been received well in Crafts Beautiful so I decided to make some but change them a little by adding a floral cupcake case! Of course they all have the magic added ingredient of Christmas sparkle!! I love glitter!!

It has been a busy time for Fin and Gabs too!! their Christmas schedules are filling up!!! Uncle Steve wanted to take them to see the Snow Queen at the Theatre but unfortunately they are already going with school!!! So Uncle Steve will have to get his thinking cap on!!! He's a fab Uncle!!!!!
Fin is all sported out!!! He is so busy with football! He lost his game at the weekend 4-1 but they were playing the top of the league team and he is playing for school this week too!
Gabs is just having lots of fun at school, she loves it!!! she is doing really well with her reading, I am so proud of how she has come on. We have spellings to learn this week too. The weeks just go so fast!! Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

So much to say!!

I have such a lot to tell you today!!! Iwas originally going to show you some makes I have been doing but I had a real surprise waiting for me when I returned home from work!!! Firstly though I have drawn the two winners of my first ever giveaway (well Fin and Gabs drew one out each!)

The first winner drawn out was Loo from Jumbles and Pom Poms
The second winner drawn out was Country Girl from Life on the East Coast

I will leave a message for the two winners on their blogs but if you read this first could you e mail me and give me your contact details so I can send you your set of cards.

Now, what was waiting for me when I got home!! December issue of Crafts Beautiful and I am on the front cover! I am chuffed to bits!!! It is no secret to those who know me I have been longing to be on the cover! Here is a few pics of the projects inside, I did two projects for this issue.

So on that happy note I am now going to watch X Factor, (sorry I just can't help but watch it!!)
I just love Saturday nights!!! Will show you my makes on my next post.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Candyman Friday!!!

I know its Friday the minute I turn on the radio each Friday morning for the Chris Evans breakfast show and here the lovely voice of Sammy Davies Jnr singing The Candyman, I just love it!! does anyone else listen to it? The minute I hear it, well it just puts a spring in my step and give me that instant Friday feeling! Obviously it makes me think of one of the best ever films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, (the original with Gene Wilder, not the new re make) It is one Gabs and my many favourite films, you can't beat a wet Sunday afternoon curled up with a blankie on the sofa watching it, you get lost in another world, which just happens to be filled with chocolate!!!!
I thought I would let you listen to the great song,(I hope it has worked as I have never done the song thing before!! I apologise in advance if it fails miserably!!)

I thought this image was funny!

The fab singer himself, Have a listen!
I will be drawing the two winners of my giveaway tomorrow, thankyou to everyone who entered and I will post the winners tomorrow.
Have a great evening on this Bonfire night everyone.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I was featured on Welcome Wagon!! and one more day for the giveaway.

I just thought I would tell you that I had the most lovely e mail from Brenda over at Cozy Little House to tell me I had been featured on her Welcome Wagon! I had to tell you all as I am over the moon about it!!
Click on the Welcome Wagon in my side bar to pop over to see Cozy Little House, Its a great blog!

One more day to leave a comment for the giveaway!

Have a great evening everyone! (even though it is dark, drab and raining!!!!)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My Giveaway

Just a reminder to you all that my giveaway for two people to win a set of three cards closes on Friday!! Still lots of time. Just leave a comment either on this post or the original one dated 21st 0ctober.
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Homework rush!!!!

The night before going back to school is always a bit of a mad time for me! Is it for anyone else!!!! I always like to get the school clothes all laid out nicely in a little pile, my friend Lisa and I do have a laugh about it but we just cannot sleep if the clothes are not laid out ready!! A bit OCD I know!! At least I know one more person the same. As much as can be done the night before I do it.
Yet it is out of my control when a certain little boy has still not finished his scrapbook about his favourite author! (I have nagged him all week not to leave it to the last minute) Fin chose Francesca Simon, famous for the Horrid Henry books, and he has just finished it tonight! He is so like me it is untrue, works better under pressure!!

Gabs on the other hand! total different story, she has been busy writing stories and drawing pictures all week, her little busy book is certainly very busy!! The image above is just perfect for Gabs.

So back to this tomorrow! I have had a lovely week off, went back today with Mum mush brain, when I have been off for a full week like that it is hard to go back, little Gabs just loves it when I am at home with her, as she grows it's getting harder as she voices her opinion more! In other words, "Do you have to go to work Mum?" Fin is not so bothered, he is so desperate to grow up and has started this holiday to ask if he can into town to meet his friends! as of course he says, "They all do!!" which of course they don't! I give my casual answer, "We'll see"
After being back at work an hour, the buzz was back and new ideas instantly forming, Christmas is on every ones mind now and I need to make some more cards! So I am off now to get all sorted for the morning, read Gabs bedtime story and off to work!!! Have a lovely evening everyone.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Doris Day Magic!!!

I was in need of a Doris Day fix today!!! Maybe its the thought of back to work, back to the school run and busy mornings or maybe its just because, Crafts Beautiful projects are done and up to date, the Homespun and Vintage Fair has been and gone and I can sit with Fin and Gabs a while and do nothing! This is where Doris comes in!! Whilst Fin and Gabs were doing their things (computer games and dancing in my high heeled shoes!!!) I put on my all time favoutite, "Young at Heart" and lost a couple of hours! Gabs ended up joining me though she is not a great fan!!! Am now going to join the children to watch something about Mermaids!!!